Finger Millet (Ragulu)

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Finger Millet (Ragulu)

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Brand : Racewin Trade Links
Product Name : Finger Millet (Ragulu)
Weight : 950 Gms
Actual Price : 100.00
Sale Price : 65.00

Finger Millet (Ragulu)

Finger millet is a staple food in many African and South Asian countries. It is also considered a helpful famine crop as it is easily stored for lean years The grain is readily digestible, highly nutritious and versatile, and can be cooked like rice, ground to make porridge or flour, or used to make cakes Sprouted grains are recommended for infants and elderly people. Finger millet is also used to make liquor ("arake" or "areki" in Ethiopia) and beer, which yields by-products used for livestock feeding.


  • Holistic Breakfast Food

  • Supplies Essential Amino Acids

  • Supports A Gluten-Free Diet

  • Fortifies Bone Density

  • Treats Anemia

  • Boosts Nervous System Function

  • Augments Heart Health

  • remarkable anti-ageing properties

  • Cures Hyperpigmentation


T T. 21/09/2021

Loved It

Reddy Reddy. 21/09/2021

Good In Quality

Maddi . 21/09/2021

Good With Proteins And Fiber

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