Little Millet

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Little Millet

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Brand : Racewin Trade Links
Product Name : Little Millet
Weight : 950 Gms
Actual Price : 160.00
Sale Price : 115.00

Little Millet

Little millet, Panicum sumatrense Roth ex Roemer & Schultes, is grown throughout India to a limited extent up to altitudes of 2 100 m but is of little importance elsewhere. It has received comparatively little attention from plant breeders. The plant varies in height between 30 and 90 cm and its oblong panicle varies in length between 14 and 40 cm. The seeds of little millet are smaller than those of common millet.


• Detoxifies the body

• Lowers bad cholesterol levels

• Prevents onset of breast cancer

• Prevents Type-II diabetes

• Reduces high blood pressure

• Aids in treating respiratory conditions such as asthma

• Reduces the risk of gastric ulcers/cancer

• Provides relief from constipation, bloating and cramps


T T. 21/09/2021

Loved It

Reddy Reddy. 21/09/2021

Good In Quality

Maddi . 21/09/2021

Best Quality

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