Natural Herbal Organic Henna Powder Pack Of 2

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Natural Herbal Organic Henna Powder pack of 2

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Brand : By Pure Naturals
Product Name : Natural Herbal Organic Henna Powder Pack Of 2
Weight : 250gms
Actual Price : 220.00
Sale Price : 220.00

Natural Herbal Organic Henna Powder Pack Of 2

byPureNaturals Organic Henna Powder 100% natural. Henna Powder is completely natural and without any harmful chemicals making it safe for everyone. The versatile hair care ingredient can be used to maintain overall hair health. Conditioning, repairing damage, and balancing pH levels are just some of the many benefits that henna offers. As a conditioner, it strengthens the hair and reduces dandruff. 100 % certified organic henna powder with natural ingredients and no added chemicals. It boosts your hair's health, protects it from issues like dandruff, itchy skin etc.

Stimulates hair growth,natural hair conditioner,reduces hair loss,help repairing split ends and prevents dandruff.


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