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Brand : Racewin Trade Links
Product Name : Pistachio
Weight : 200 Gms
Actual Price : 320.00
Sale Price : 320.00


Pistachios are a type of tree nut with numerous health benefits. Pistachios are an excellent source of protein, antioxidants, and fiber. Pistachios are one of the lowest calorie nuts, which means people can enjoy the health benefits of nuts while more easily staying within their daily calorie limits.Nuts and seeds contain several antioxidant compounds, but pistachios may have higher levels of some antioxidants than other nuts.


  • Loaded with nutrients.

  • High in antioxidants.

  • Low in calories yet high in protein.

  • May aid weight loss.

  • Promote healthy gut bacteria.

  • May lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • May promote blood vessel health.

  • May help lower blood sugar.


T T. 21/09/2021

Fresh And Tasty

Reddy Reddy. 21/09/2021

Good In Quality

Maddi . 21/09/2021

Fresh And Tasty

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