Ecotyl Coconut Sugar | Blossom Sugar | Natural Sweetener | 300g

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Ecotyl Coconut Sugar | Blossom Sugar | Natural Sweetener | 300g

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Brand : ECOTYL
Product Name : Ecotyl Coconut Sugar | Blossom Sugar | Natural Sweetener | 300g
Weight : 300
Actual Price : 350.00
Sale Price : 340.00

Ecotyl Coconut Sugar | Blossom Sugar | Natural Sweetener | 300g

Ecotyl's Coconut Sugar transforms your sweet indulgences into a guilt-free delight. Sustainably sourced and minimally processed, our Coconut Sugar stands out as a wholesome alternative, offering a unique blend of sweetness with a low glycemic impact. Ideal for those mindful of their glycemic intake, this unrefined sugar enhances the flavor of your favorite recipes without compromising on your wellness goals. With Ecotyl, redefine your sweet journey and embrace the natural goodness of Coconut Sugar, your go-to for a delightful and mindful sweetening experience.

Health Benefits of Coconut Sugar:
Low Glycemic Index: Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index compared to refined sugars, meaning it causes a slower rise in blood sugar levels. This can be beneficial for individuals looking to manage their blood sugar levels.
Natural Sweetener: Ecotyl's coconut sugar is a natural sweetener derived from the sap of coconut palm trees. It is minimally processed, retaining some of the nutrients present in the coconut sap.
Rich in Nutrients: Coconut sugar contains small amounts of nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, and antioxidants. While the amounts are not significant, they contribute to the overall nutrient content.
No Artificial Additives: Ecotyl's coconut sugar is often free from artificial additives, preservatives, and chemicals, making it a cleaner and more natural sweetening option.
Unrefined and Unbleached: Unlike refined sugars, coconut sugar is typically unrefined and unbleached, preserving more of its natural properties and flavor.
Caramel-Like Flavor: Coconut sugar has a distinct caramel-like flavor, adding a rich and unique taste to recipes without the need for artificial flavorings.

Directions to use: Elevate your baking by incorporating Ecotyl's Coconut Sugar in cookies, muffins, and cakes. Sprinkle on yogurt or oatmeal, sweeten beverages, or use it in marinades for a delectable balance of sweet and savory.

Ingredients: Coconut Sugar

Shelf life:12 months from the date of manufacture



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