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Welcome to Racewin! We're more than just an app; we're a community-driven social commerce platform dedicated to revolutionizing the way you shop, sell, and connect. Our mission is simple: to deliver affordable, healthy, and organic products while supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Racewin transforms social media into your very own online supermarket, where anyone can launch their virtual store and reach customers far and wide. What sets us apart is our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment, providing opportunities for local owners, women entrepreneurs, students, and homemakers to thrive in the digital marketplace with minimal investment.

For women seeking work-from-home solutions, Racewin Online Supermarket offers the ideal platform with the tools, support, and community needed for success. But Racewin isn't just for sellers; it's also for retailers and manufacturers looking to boost income and expand their reach through cross-selling opportunities.

Our business model blends traditional retail, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce into a seamless, scalable, and profitable platform for everyone involved. Join us at Racewin and be a part of the future of commerce, where together, we'll transform the way the world shops and sells.


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To be a leading Market Place

Avail the comfort of ordering Racewin products online. TODAY!

That’s right. Be it cereals, pulses, quick meals, groceries or medicinal products, we are just a click away. Download the Racewin app from Play Store or App Store today for the most authentic food ordering experience you’ve had. Trust us to deliver them promptly at your doorstep.