Organic Chia Seeds|Fibre And Protein Rich|Weight Loss|Immunity Booster

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Organic Chia Seeds|Fibre and Protein Rich|Weight Loss|Immunity Booster

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Brand : Racewin Trade Links
Product Name : Organic Chia Seeds|Fibre And Protein Rich|Weight Loss|Immunity Booster
Weight : 200 Grams
Actual Price : 180.00
Sale Price : 180.00

Organic Chia Seeds|Fibre And Protein Rich|Weight Loss|Immunity Booster

Chia Seeds are known to contain relatively higher amounts of calcium than other seeds. Chia Seeds are low in calories and cholesterol, have no added sugar and are also free from any chemicals or preservatives. These seeds are super versatile and can easily be incorporated in your daily diet.

Chia Seeds are ideal for snacking, they can also be added to breakfast dishes, salads or confectionary items. Sprinkle them over to make your dish extra crunchy and healthy.

Health Benefits

  • Richest source of Calcium.
  • Improves bone density and strengthens the muscles.
  • Helps in preventing premature ageing of the skin caused due to free radical damage.
  • Antioxidants Loaded.
  • Boosts Dental Health.
  • Controls Blood Sugar.
  • Promotes Weight Loss.


Prakash Prakash. 04/09/2021


Prakash Prakash. 04/09/2021


Prakash Prakash. 04/09/2021


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Pambidi P. 06/09/2021


T T. 21/09/2021

Loved It

Yaski Sushma. 21/09/2021

Quality Is Just Awesome.

Reddy Reddy. 21/09/2021

Easy To Eat. Good In Quality

Maddi . 21/09/2021

Good Fibre Content

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